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Welcome to the Human Capital and Business Professional Blog!

January 13, 2017     Yamen Zein

Hello and thank you for visiting the HCBP Blog!


The aim of this blog is to share insights and experiences from the different areas of the HC function by HR and business professionals, discuss hot topics of the profession in the region and help HR students and HC professionals from junior to mid-level with different tips and references to facilitate their integration into the fascinating world of HC!


I do encourage dialogues and healthy debates, however, courtesy and respect are at the core of this blog and I, therefore, reserve the right to moderate any posts that fall short on reflecting these values and even delete any posts with offensive content.


I sincerely hope you'll have a great time here and benefit the most from your visit! If you like what you see, don't forget to subscribe via email so that you get notifications of everything new on the blog!


Last but not least, I would like to openly state that all the views expressed here are strictly my own -unless otherwise stated- and as a result, should not be taken as a research-proven reference.

Everything I talk about is my take on the HC function, from my perspective in light of my own personal experience, my own successes and failures and what I think went well and what could've gone better.


I hope you have a meaningful and beneficial time going through the blog! And make sure to share your insights and experiences on these pages with the HC community!


*Head to the About section for more information on this blog, HCBP Consultancy and myself

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Yamen Zein

Founder of The HCBP Consultancy & Blog

Greetings and welcome to The HC and Busines Professional Blog!


This site focuses on the activities which HC professionals engage in while navigating the different facets of the business and playing their pivotal role in the decision-making process throughout the organisation.


To learn more about me and the HCBP Blog, head to the about section either through the link at the top or from the arrow below.


Have a great day ahead!

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