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HC Books

On this page, you'll see books and resources that I recommend for students and HR professionals. These are also great resources for SME HR support.

This book is like a bible for Human Capital Management. I reckon it's one of the most comprehensive books out there that talk about HC management and it's one of the first books I read on HC.

Very thorough and highly recommended for new HC professionals.

The SHRM Learning System is one of the best resources you could get your hands on for HC professionals. It's not cheap, but definitely worth every penny. A great repository of HC practices across the different functional areas and levels. A great reference material that would definitely come in handy even if you're not considering certification at this point in time.

The HRCP study materials are also great HC knowledge resources be it aPHR or PHR/SPHR even if you're not considering certification at this point in time. aPHR materials are more suitable for junior HC professionals and PHR/SPHR are more suitable for mid-management/senior management respectively.

This timeless classic shares 6 competencies that sit at the core of any HC function. Highly recommended for HC professional at any level who are serious about delivering the best value to the people and their business.

Another timeless classic that demonstrates how HC can can impact the business and shares 7 steps to integrate HC within the strategy of the organisation.

*This section gets updated regularly, please check often.

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